West Cork Rota

West Cork Parent and Children Playgroups & Events Rota – January to March 2020

From coffee mornings to playgroups, cafe meetups to breastfeeding support, our events are an enjoyable way to socialize with other parents. Join us at one of our West Cork meetups and enjoy making friends and connections with local mums and dads while letting the smallies make new pals.

West Cork Parent and Child playgroups

*this rota is a JPG so feel free to download it to your device’s photo album. Do check with the meet host that the meet is going ahead.

Stay up-to-date

From time-to-time dates, times and locations may change. Therefore, we advise you to visit our Facebook page. Find the Sunday evening post listing the subsequent week’s events and contacts. And of course, don’t forget to follow us while you’re there.


Do I have to be a Cuidiú member to attend?

No. Most events charge €1.50 entry for members, €2.50 for non-members. Soft-play and commercial venues sometimes charge more. 
Is my child too young/old to attend?
No. You’re welcome to come along from pregnancy right up to the child’s school days. Most of our playgroups have lots of room for toddlers and preschoolers and older to run around and a big play mat for the less mobile of younglings to squirm on. 
Is this buggy-friendly?
Yes, it’s unusual for one of our events to not be buggy-friendly and it will be clearly stated. A host will (try to!) welcome you, show you where to sign in and point you in the direction of the coffee.
Can I arrive late/leave early?
Yep, we’re all parents so stop in any time between for as long as you want. 
Do I have to be breastfeeding to attend the parent and children playgroups and coffee morning?
Nope. Everyone’s welcome, no matter how you choose to feed your smallies.
Can I bring more than one child?
You can bring as many as you like. We’ll do our best to distract them long enough for you to get caffeinated.
What do I do if my toddler has a tantrum?
Ask for a larger cup of coffee.
What if my child misbehaves?
It’s inevitable that some scraps will happen but you are responsible for your child. Please help keep the atmosphere relaxed for all parents and kids by ensuring your child plays nicely with others.
Can I bring a friend to the West Cork Parent and Children Events?
Yes, just try to let the hostess know so she has an idea of how many to expect if it’s a home coffee morning.
Do I need to bring anything?
Nope. The drinks and biccies will be supplied. If the event is being hosted in a public event, you may have to purchase drinks and snacks.