The Domino Scheme

The Domino Scheme

by Lisa Murphy

Lisa who has been a midwife since 2005, had heard about Cuidiú through her work, but acknowledged that it was only when Síofra was born and she became actively involved that she saw first-hand the ‘wonderful support network Cuidiú provides’.


The Cork University Maternity Hospital (CUMH) Domino Service started as a one year pilot scheme in 2014 and due to its success, it is now an integral part of CUMH care, giving pregnant women a fantastic midwifery led service.
The philosophy of the Domino midwives is to facilitate a healthy pregnancy, an active and positive birth experience and ultimately a healthy mother and baby. The Domino midwives aim to facilitate women to achieve a normal natural birth. To do this we actively encourage women to prepare the mind and body for pregnancy, birth and adaptation to parenthood.

This can be achieved by:
  • Education – discussion with your midwife / reading / attending parentcraft classes.
  • Nutrition – maintaining a healthy balanced diet to nourish you and baby.
  • Exercising – giving birth is a physical task which requires stamina and strength. It is essential to maintain a good level of fitness whilst accommodating the possible limitations that pregnancy may cause.
  • Mental preparation – appreciation of the fact that this is a unique time which can be psychologically challenging and may unearth emotional issues which can sometimes be difficult.
What is the CUMH Domino Service?
  1. It is a high quality, women centred service for healthy pregnant women who are at low risk of complications in pregnancy.
  2. Provides midwife-only care including physical, emotional, social support and health education for women who are likely to have a normal pregnancy, labour, birth and postnatal period.
  3. Is separate to the consultant led service, but we work in very close partnership with doctors.
  4. Is organised and run by a team of midwives and has a senior midwife responsible for the day to day management of the service.
The Domino Service aims to give you:
  1. The same team of midwives to care for you throughout your pregnancy up until the week after your baby is born.
  2. One-to-one midwifery care throughout your labour, helping you to achieve a normal birth with as few interventions as possible.
  3. Additional choice for childbirth.
Who can avail of this service?

If you are likely to have a normal pregnancy, live within a 5 mile radius of CUMH and are looking for an intervention-free birth and early discharge home, the domino service may be perfect for you.

How do I book onto the scheme?
  1. When you make your first antenatal clinic appointment at CUMH, mention that you are interested in the domino service to the midwife at that visit and subsequent appointments can be made with the domino team.
  2. Send us a message via Facebook for more information.
  3. Contact our Domino Lead midwife, Martina Dillon on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays for more information on 0867872396
  4. Information also available on the CUMH website.

As a domino midwife, my role can be quite challenging as well as rewarding. I thoroughly enjoy it. For me, to be part of a couple’s pregnancy journey, birthing their baby and then caring for their new born in their own home makes my job so worthwhile. Having a baby can be a vulnerable time for families, therefore support is key. The domino team continue to strive to provide this essential physical, social and emotional support and I am proud to be a part of it.

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