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Cuidiú Cork has for many years run a swimming session each Saturday morning at 10am in The Lavanagh Enable Ireland pool, Ballintemple, Cork. Babies have a natural affinity with water and almost all babies love their bath time, the Cuidiú swimming session provides a great opportunity to grow your baby’s love of water. In addition to being a great fun social outing for parents, babies and children, swimming has many benefits for their development, the combination of warm water and weightless exercise encourages muscle development, strength, stamina and agility.

When can I start swimming with my baby?

Parents often ask when they can start their baby swimming and there is no hard and fast rule about when it is recommended to start swimming. The Enable Ireland pool in the Lavanagh centre is a therapy pool and the water is heated in excess of 30 degrees. The dressing rooms are also very warm so young babies are not in danger of getting cold. Many parents wait until their baby is 6 months old but if unsure it is best to take advice from your General Practitioner GP or Public Health Nurse.

Must my baby have completed all immunisations before coming swimming?

The Health Service Executive (HSE) says ‘It is perfectly safe for babies to start swimming from birth before having their immunisations. The diseases babies are vaccinated against are not carried in water. Babies can be taken swimming at any time regardless of where they are with their immunisation schedule. As always take the usual hygiene precautions to make sure your baby swims in a healthy environment.


The chlorine in the swimming pools makes the likelihood of transmitting infections such as polio or tetanus extremely unlikely, therefore the immunisation status of your baby is not a major factor.

Do I need to book?

No. The Lavanagh pool can take a maximum of 30 children and adults. The session is filled on a first come, first served basis so we recommend you come early.

How much is swimming and can I pay in advance?

€ 4.50 per child, € 5.00 per adult (Max cost €19 per family)

For insurance purposes, only Cuidiú members and immediate family can swim (i.e. partner and children)
You can sign up here – National Cuidiu Site.

What Time?

The session begins at 10am and the pool needs to be vacated at 10:45am, the changes room need to be vacated by 10:55am.

Does Cuidiú provide swimming instruction?

No. The emphasis is on playing not training and the resulting experience is very enjoyable for parents and baby. Having been a regular Cuidiú Saturday swimmer your child will be easy to spot at formal swimming lessons in the future, they will be the eager beaver with their hand up ready to attempt all the drills, calm and confident in the water.

Is a life guard on duty?

Yes. There is a lifeguard on duty for every session.

What should my baby wear?

All children should wear a swim suit and children not yet potty trained must wear a swimming nappy that is snug around the thighs and tummy. These nappies can be found in most supermarkets in the baby aisles. Everyone with hair must wear a swim hat.

What do I need to take to the session?

• Aquanappy

• Nappy bag, clean nappy & creams etc. Some Mums like to take a changing mat too.

• A drink (or warm bottle if you are bottle-feeding) for after the swim .

• A towel, preferably one with a hood or a towelling dressing gown

• Swim Cap

• Swimwear, swim cap and towel for you

There are plenty of toys and inflatable rings available in the Lavanagh pool so you do not need to bring your own though you are welcome to do so.


Can I take more than one child in the water?

Yes and many family groups regularly come swimming, it is a great family activity. If you have two or more children who will need assistance dressing and undressing you will need to give yourself enough time to do this.

Do I need to be able to swim?

No. the majority of the pool is shallow and you can keep your feet firmly on the floor if you wish. There is also a baby pool which is where most of the action usually takes place.

This sounds great. How do I get to the pool?

Directions: From City Centre: Bus Route: No 2 bus will take you directly to the village of Ballintemple where the Enable Ireland premises are located. The bus stop is located directly across the road from the A.I.B. Bank. Get off at the stop and walk towards the post office (which is on the same side of the road as the bus stop). There is laneway at the side of the post office so you will be turning to your right. Enable Ireland is located half way down the lane on the left side.

From City Centre: Driving

With the Bus Station on your right and the river on the left continue straight ahead to the traffic lights at the T-Junction (Jury’s Inn will be on your right hand side on the corner. Turn right at the traffic lights continue over the bridge to the traffic lights and turn left. Follow this road for a short distance and the road will bear around to the right (1 way system). Proceed to the roundabout. Take the 2nd exit and immediately turn left at the shell garage. Take the lower road called the “Monaghan Road” continue straight along the road until you come to a garage on the right side of the road. This garage is called C.A.B.. The road continues into a sweeping bend driving slowly continue along the sweeping bend which narrows into a laneway. Enable Ireland is located on the right side of the road.