Why become a Cuidiú Member?

Whilst there is no obligation to become a ‘Full’ paid up member, there are numerous reasons why you should!

As a formal member, you will get access to:

  • Discounted rates at all coffee mornings & events
  • Discounted rates from many local businesses
  • Cuidiú Swimming
  • Cuidiú Library
  • Access to the Cuidiú Cycle group
  • The National Newsletter will be posted to you quarterly
  • You will be invited to attend the Cuidiú National Annual Members Conference

And most importantly you will be supporting a great charity run exclusively by volunteers
who are dedicated to helping others on their parenting journey.


You can sign up here – National Cuidiú Site.



Membership is just €25 per year and runs from January until December.
New members can join for €13 after the 1st of July, until end of that year.
From November, €25 gets you membership until December of the following year.

Your membership subscription helps us to continue to fund such a vibrant social support group for new parents.

All subscriptions go to the central Council in Dublin. The vast majority of this is spent
on Liability insurance to cover hosting events.  Each branch gets €5.00 per member back to go to branch funds.


Cuidiú is a registered charity (10752) which raises money to fund training for volunteers to support new mums.


Once you have signed up, please be patient, Cork Branch only receive membership updates monthly, at this point you will receive a welcome email and details of the membership discounts.


Any questions, contact