Meet The Committee

As Cork is such a large branch, we have a large committee to match.  All of the committee members are volunteer mums who have found help from Cuidiú in the past and are doing their bit to give something back.  We also have a huge team of additional helpers all working hard behind the scenes to deliver many events across the county.

If you would like to help out on the committee please contact Alexie on or Niamh on

Committee meetings are held during the second week each month alternating between mornings/evenings depending on the host, usually also alternating between the City and East Cork.

Committee Member Bios

Alexie Ui Laoghaire

My name is Alexie, I am mum to 4 boys aged 8.5, 6 and 2.5 yr old twins. We did our antenatal class with Ger Cahill before our oldest son was born and got our Cuidiu membership included. I went to my first coffee morning in early March 2009 and many more in the following months. I returned to Cuidiu coffee mornings with my 2nd son and since my twins were 4 weeks old I have been to at least one if not more Cuidiu coffee mornings and events every week. Cuidiu is my saving grace, my social life, I am so glad I found it from the start! I joined the committee as Secretary 18 months ago and love being a part of growing Cuidiu Cork and bringing our support to as many Cork mums as we can via coffee mornings, events and our Facebook groups. I have made some brilliant friends too.

April Ross

Catherine Autret
My name is Catherine. I have a 2 year old boy. I am originally from France but i have lived in West Cork for over 10 years now. Being away from your family and friends is not always easy. Cuidiú has been a great way to get involved in the community and meet new friends. I am really enjoying breastfeeding counsellor training and having the opportunity to join the committee and increase the support for all parents in the area.

Clare Luttrell
Deirdre Hackett

My name is Deirdre and I’m a Mammy to 4 children, a 9 year old boy, boy and girl twins, who are 6 and a 2.5 year old little girl who rules the roost.

I am originally from Waterford, lived in Dublin for 15 years and moved to East Cork in 2013 and haven’t looked back since. We now live just outside Cloyne. I love living here and the sense of community is amazing in East Cork.

My Cuidiu journey started 9 years ago in Dublin with the arrival of my son. There was a hiatus in the middle as with twins I found it difficult to get out to things. I wasn’t a very active member but would always attend events. I was a bit shy and nervous if I’m honest (nobody believes me but I am I swear).

Last May I decided to take a step back from paid work (Electronic Applications Engineer) for the sake of our family and my sanity. I decided to become more actively involved and I joined the Cuidiu Committee in November 2017. I love babies and kids and would love to support new and not so new mums who are going through the same things that I went through and thought I was the only one 🙂 Joining the committee is about being part of something bigger than myself and having an outside purpose from home. Being at home is great for the kids and rewarding in lots of ways but there’s not always a clear goal. I love the external sense of purpose that being involved with the Cuidiu Committee give me 🙂

I am the current East Cork Cuidiu Coordinator and the contact for the East cork coffee mornings that we hold in Cuidiu members houses every week. I host for Toddler Tuesday in Jungle world in Midleton. I am also the website rep on the Committee.

My house is never clean or tidy (except for just before my mother in law arrives), and is generally covered in a layer of lego. I love coffee and quiet time and reading when I get a chance ;P

Helen Corcoran

I am the P2P rep on the Cork Committee

I have two children (Eithne is 4 and Niall is 2) and I did the P2P training in 2016/2017. I host a monthly coffee morning in Macroom with the fabulous Aoife Noonan and we’re working on getting more coffee mornings going in people’s homes in the area as well. It’s a great opportunity to be there to support new parents who are finding their feet and to have the chats (and biscuits) too 

Jane ORegan
Jennie Whitbread

Laura ODonovan
I’m Laura, mum to 3 girls & living in East Cork. I discovered Cuidiu while looking for breastfeeding support after my second baby. Being a stay at home mum the weekly coffee mornings saved my sanity with 2 under 2 & it’s why I’m so passionate about volunteering with Cuidiu now and offering the support to all parents especially new mums.

Liz Ahern

Maeve Murray

I am a volunteer breastfeeding counsellor with Cuidiu Cork and the BFC rep on the Cuidiu Cork Committee. I provide support over the phone mostly and I also attend breastfeeding support groups. Its so lovely to meet all the mams, babies and toddlers! I first found Cuidiu coffee mornings when my first child was very small and I really enjoyed meeting other mams, it really showed me that all mams ( and parents) have the same struggles and worries. Then i did the cuidiu breastfeeding counsellor (BFC) training in 2013 -2014.
Cuidiu Cork continue to train breastfeeding counsellors with over 20 more fantastic volunteer mams finishing their training in June.

Melanie Grace
When I moved to Ireland as a pregnant mum, it was a long and lonely year until I discovered Cuidiú but it really has made the difference.  I’ve been the Chair of Cork for a couple of years now, I’m also a trained P2P Supporter and I’m a Director on the Board.  I am mum to Oliver who is 3.

Niamh ODea
Sarah Greene-Salm