Clothes swap


Cuidiú Cork, the Irish Childcare Trust, holding children’s clothes swaps across the county.

Clothes don’t grow but children do! Due to popular demand from parents and parents-to-be, Cuidiú Cork holds Kids’ Clothes Swaps in various locations across the county. The clothes Swaps, started by a Cuidiú volunteer in West Cork, have become hugely popular with parents and carers.

As every parent knows, kids grow out of their clothes far faster than the clothes wear out; the swaps allow attendees bring the clothes their children no longer fit into and take from the selection that other parents have brought.

Cuidiu Cork hosts clothes swaps across the county giving parents throughout the county a chance to get some (nearly) new clothes for their tots in an eco-friendly and affordable way while giving their kids’ lightly worn clothes a second life.

The clothes swaps are a welcome addition to Cuidiú Cork’s schedule of events that aim to support and empower parents of all walks of life. From themed Connect Nights that see experts give talks on particular topics to baby and toddler groups, pregnancy and breastfeeding support groups, and the beloved coffee mornings that allow parents and carers to refuel and chat while their children make new friends, Cuidiú Cork hosts scores of events every month.

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